About Me

Well, this is awkward. I've been a movie fanatic for years, (Followed Marvel when they cast Robert Downey Jr in Iron Man back in 2008, the brilliant Dark Knight Trilogy, The Lord of the Rings/Hobbit trilogies, Insidious trilogies etc). But never thought about doing this, and save people all this time and trouble. 

I'm pretty much like the majority of the cinema-goers out there (I think). I work during the week and then want to relax during the days off. Buy my own tickets, including for friends and family, get popcorn or ice cream for the longer movies and just enjoy the movie. I frequent the cinema quite regularly.

I get annoyed just like the next person when people show up and fool around, with no interest in the movie, indicating that they obviously have NOT bought their own ticket's or are very bad with money (Spend everything the moment they earn it)! I'm a very patient person, and like a variety of movie genres. I also like to remain at the end of a movie in case there are after credit scenes to help determine if we should expect more movies in the future, or possible tie-ins (Thank you Marvel). 

Having said that, I struggle to find on the internet where we can find a website or even a blog to tell us whether we should stay for these mid-credit / end credit scenes when we are in a rush or just want a straight forward “should I stay / shouldn't I stay?" situation without the need to keep reading through content before arriving at the answer, or finding out there was no answer to begin with.

For all intent and purposes here, I will try to bridge this gap by giving notifications on  whether a movie has an after credit's scene worth waiting for, and my brief thoughts on the movie itself. If it seems too brief, then I have just exited the screen after watching the movie and you can expect a more detailed update within 24 hours, hopefully to the point as soon as possible. I try and keep this blog as simple as possible, so please bare with me and during the evolution as I get more ideas.

So basically, I do the hard work for you (always looking for positives) and I'll try my best to keep big reveals away from any content I write which I hope calms your nerves and lets you enjoy the movie, or avoid it if you'd like me to go that far (Fantastic Four reboot, I'm looking at you!). Some movies, Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon had people buzzing for having the best bits in their trailers, so reviewing it was easier.

To Infinity and beyond...