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The Teen Titans welcome a new member who seems to have ulterior motives as they take on old foe, Deathstroke 


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Run Time

One hour, Twenty Four minutes (1h, 24m)

Movie Rating


Age Rating

12 (Action / Adventure / Animation / Violence / Fantasy / Family / Sci-Fi)


Robin / Damian Wayne – Stuart Allan
Nightwing / Dick Grayson – Sean Maher
Kori / Koriand’r / Starfire – Kari Wahlgren
Raven / Rachel Roth – Taissa Farmiga
Gar / Garfield Logan / Beast Boy – Brandon Soo Hoo
Blue Beetle / Jaime Reyes – Jake T. Austin
Terra / Tara Markov – Christina Ricci
Bumblebee / Karen Beecher / Traci – Masasa Moyo
Wally West / Kid Flash – Jason Spisak
Speedy / Roy Harper / Arsenal – Crispin Freeman
Deathstroke / Slade Wilson – Miguel Ferrer
Brother Blood / Sebastian Blood – Gregg Henry
Mother Mayhem – Meg Foster
Titans Tower Computer / Bianca Reyes – Maria Canais-Barrera
Kevin Smith – Himself
Alberto Reyes David Zayas

Movie details

Mid – Credits: No

End – Credits: Yes (Sets up sequel)

Before the Review: Coronavirus continues to dominate the news, impacting people’s lifestyles. Moving on, it was recently announced that Switzerland, Jamaica and the Czech Republic are the latest countries to be added to the UK’s quarantine list, the UK has a “traffic light system” for holiday restrictions on Spain, Croatia, Belgium, France and the Netherlands recently and it’s recently been revealed that actual traffic lights run on a “mutant algorithm, which has also been blamed for the exams fiasco as well...

Review: Sadly, no Justice League this time around, which means that the spotlight is squarely on the Teen Titans and how they handle themselves against rising threats, or in the case of the movie, several threats. Quite a bit of character building for some, others were left with unanswered questions, which will hopefully be answered in potential further releases. In the previous movie, Damian Wayne was actively trying to take charge.

However, he seems more reserved and voices his opinions to the returning Nightwing (who is not the leader of the team). The dynamic between the two throughout the movie is really good to see, almost like Robin looks up to Dick Grayson, in a similar manner to Batman. There is blood, so parents are advised before letting children watch the movie for certain scenes. There is history between Damian Wayne and Deathstroke, which is touched upon, but not in great detail (Although a previous movie has already shown this).

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