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REIGN OF THE SUPERMEN (2019), 02/08/20




Adapted from one of 1992’s The Death of Superman arcs, the world mourns the death of the Man of Steel, while seemingly new heroes emerge who lay claim to be the true Kryptonian himself. Their powers are then put to the test as a deadly threat emerges to target the Earth in Superman’s absence.


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Run Time

One hour, Twenty Seven minutes (1h, 27m)

Movie Rating


Age Rating

12 (Action / Adventure / Animation / Violence / Sci-Fi)

Superman / Kal-El / Clark Kent / Hank Henshaw (voice modulation?) – Jerry O’Connell
Batman / Bruce Wayne – Jason O’Mara
Wonder Woman / Diana Prince / Princess Diana – Rosario Dawson
Lois Lane – Rebecca Romijn
Lex Luthor – Rainn Wilson
Green Lantern / Hal Jordan – Nathan Fillon
Superboy / Conner Kent / Kon-El – Cameron Monaghan
Flash / Barry Allen – Christopher Gorham
Cyborg / Victor Stone – Shemar Moore
Martian Manhunter / J’onn J’onzz / John Jones / Ron Troupe? – Nyambi Nyambi
Darkseid / Uxas – Tony Todd
Jonathan “Pa” Kent / Cemetery Worker? – Paul Eiding
Martha “Ma” Kent / President Joan Dale / Watchtower Computer – Jennifer Hale
Mayor Booker – Jonathan Adams
Perry White – Rocky Carroll
John Henry Irons / Steel – Cress Williams
Dabney Donovan / G. Gordon Godfrey / Snakey Doyle – Trevor Devall
Hank Henshaw / Cyborg Superman – Patrick Fabian
Bibbo Bibbowski / Kryptonian A.I / Eradicator – Charles Halford
Mercy Graves / Becky? / Sullivan – Erica Luttrell
Jimmy Olsen / Steve Lombard? Eric? – Max Mittelman
Cat Grant – Toks Olagundoye

Movie details
Mid – Credits: No

End – Credits: Yes (Sets up sequel)

Before the Review: Coronavirus continues to dominate the news, impacting people’s lifestyles and unfortunately, my local cinema remains closed. Moving on again, pharmaceutical company Moderna was subjected to a cyber attack during “promising” vaccine trials, the UK continues to amend it’s exemption list of countries to quarantine from upon return as Luxembourg was recently removed as Europe is beginning to spark fears of a second wave and a borough has introduced bus lanes for some buses running upwards of every hour, causing longer traffic queues and drivers driving in the bus lane anyway... *facepalm*

Review: Well, there may have been no “Save Martha” moments here, but segments where questioning the need for a Superman definitely felt like they were taken out of Dawn of Justice. Whilst some people cried out for a “black suit” Superman within that movie, they will not be disappointed here. Although, some plot elements for me felt wildly off the mark. Without giving too much away, the story line has been altered to give it a more updated feel. 

Again, as with the previous movie, I have changed the “Age Rating” from “12A” to 12, as there is violence and language for which some people, mainly parents may find unacceptable for their children. This is DC we are talking about, which more or less, aims towards a more mature audience. As many should take note, the movie obviously involves Superman in a big way, so many other characters end up with limited screen time. Is Steel supposed to portray Marvel's Ironman?

I thought it was a decent attempt at changing the story for a better creative standpoint, whilst keeping the source material intact. Some may find the movie deviates from this (I felt some parts were out of place, primarily because DC Comics storytelling has changed quite a lot since 1992). Likewise, a lot of creative talent behind these movies should be utilised on to the big screens, even in advisory capacities as I think they have a lot more to offer. I mean, recent Superman comics still have the Kryptonian wearing red “pants” on the outside?

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