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Justice League vs Teen Titans, 16/08/20




Robin (Damian Wayne) finds himself forced to join the young super team, Teen Titans, and soon has to help lead them in a fight against the Justice League after the rising of Trigon, whose minions end up possessing the premier superhero team


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Run Time

One hour, Nineteen minutes (1h, 19m)

Movie Rating


Age Rating

12 (Action / Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Violence / Fantasy / Family / Sci-Fi)


Superman / Kal-El / Clark Kent – Jerry O’Connell
Batman / Bruce Wayne – Jason O’Mara
Wonder Woman / Diana Prince / Princess Diana – Rosario Dawson
Lois Lane – Rebecca Romijn
Lex Luthor / Toyman – Steve Blum
Flash / Barry Allen – Christopher Gorham
Cyborg / Victor Stone – Shemar Moore
Robin / Damian Wayne – Stuart Allan
Kori / Koriand’r / Starfire – Kari Wahlgren
Raven / Rachel Roth – Taissa Farmiga
Gar / Garfield Logan / Beast Boy – Brandon Soo Hoo
Blue Beetle / Jaime Reyes – Jake T. Austin
Trigon – Jon Bernthal
Ra’s al Ghul – Terrence C. Carson
Weather Wizard / Solomon Grundy / Atomic Skull – Rick D.Wasserman

Movie details

Mid – Credits: Yes

End – Credits: No

Before the Review: Coronavirus continues to dominate the news, impacting people’s lifestyles and unfortunately, my local cinema remains closed until the release of TENET. Moving on, it was recently announced that France, Netherlands and Turkey are the latest countries to be added to the UK’s quarantine list, the UK has entered its largest recession with GDP shrinking 20.4% and which also saw the UK heat wave come to an end, not the humidity though, paving way for more thunder storms as a result of global warming / climate change?

Review: Since Damian Wayne has been introduced as the son of Batman and the current Robin, it has been interesting watching his development as the rebel who defies his father’s moral code(s) and seeks to carve out a path of his own into the character he is now. Although his type of brooding largely reminds me of the Saiyan Prince Vegeta (From Dragonball Z / Super), and the similarities in having wealthy enablers, in this case Vegeta’s wife Bulma and Damian Wayne’s father Bruce Wayne, it seems that this Robin’s pride is somewhat misplaced for arrogance.

As you can imagine, teamwork for Damian Wayne was always going to be a chore, but within the Teen Titans, depending on which way you take it, there is room for major character development. There are aspects within the movie where he showcases why he is his father’s son; even coming into conflict with leadership who he feels are not doing enough, just like Batman. Like father, like son.

The storytelling makes room for humour, action and character growth. There are elements of disturbing storytelling which some viewers may not find suitable for children, especially one involving the dimension conquering demon, Trigon and Raven’s mother. The actual battle between the “Justice League” and the Teen Titans was fun to watch, and had more of “out of the shadow” feel to it.

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