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THE OLD GUARD, 19/07/20




Based on an acclaimed graphic novel, a covert group of tight-knit mercenaries, led by a warrior named Andy, have a mysterious inability to die and have fought to protect the mortal world for centuries. But the team suddenly finds themselves exposed when taking on an emergency mission where it is up to Andy, along with Nile, the newest recruit, to help them eliminate the threat of those seeking to replicate and monetise their power, by any means necessary.



Run Time

One hour, Twenty Five minutes (1h, 25m)

Movie Rating


Age Rating

15 (Action / Mystery / Adventure / Suspense / Science Fiction / Fantasy)

Andy / Andromache of Scythia – Charlize Theron
Nile Freeman – KiKi Layne
Booker / Sebastian Le Livre – Matthias Schoenaerts
Joe / Yusuf Al-Kaysani – Marwan Kenzari
Nicky / Niccolò di Genova – Luca Marinelli
James Copley – Chiwetel Ejiofor
Steven Merrick – Harry Melling
Quynh – Van Veronica Ngo
Dr, Meta Kozak – Anamaria Marinca
Keane – Joey Ansah
Movie details

Mid – Credits: No (But maybe should have been)

End – Credits: No

Before the Review: Coronavirus continues to dominate the news, impacting people’s lifestyles and unfortunately, my local cinema remains closed. Moving on again, a vaccine for COVID-19 which has become amongst the contenders could offer “double protection” is being developed at Oxford (along with reports of hacking attempts?), some cinemas have started reopening across the UK and reckless (and entitled) drivers still think it is acceptable to cut across three lanes from the wrong side of the road (No indicators) and then demand to be left alone when the incident develops into a road rage? *facepalm*

Review: Not going to lie, I thought this was Skydance / Neflix’s attempt at Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood adaptation into a movie. Well, it is probably the closest we’ll get and they’ll most likely be non-player characters (NPCs). But in this movie, the characters are not clad in white robes and wearing hoods with hidden wrist blades, they are more modernised to the current era of the 21st century, with advanced technology (Sorry Apple of Eden) where identities are more prone to exposure. The movie has betrayal, humour and pretty decent fight scenes.

The only thing that could have amped up the movie is the introduction of Keanu Reeves character, John Wick. The main draw of the movie for me came in the trailer when Andy (Charlize Theron) offers to take a picture of a group, and deletes one where she is accidentally snapped. The secrecy of the mercenaries becomes tantamount to their missions. The tone is more or less set from there onward. There is a disturbing scene regarding a character within the movie, which I am sure will be explored in a sequel, should there be one.

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