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Scouring the dark streets of Gotham City to find the elusive and infamous serial killer, Jack the Ripper, this is a Victorian era re-imagining of Batman using his brute strength, wits and steampunk-style gadgets.



Run Time

One hour, Eighteen minutes (1h, 18m)

Movie Rating


Age Rating

15 (Action / Animation / Adventure / Fantasy /Crime / Horror / Mystery / Thriller)


Batman / Bruce Wayne – Bruce Greenwood
Selina Kyle – Jennifer Carpenter
Alfred Pennyworth – Anthony Head
Father Callahan – Chris Cox
Police Chief Bullock – John DiMaggio
Cyrus Gold – David Forseth
Sister Leslie Thompkins, Jason Todd and Selina Kyle (Singing Voice) – Grey Griffin
Mayor Tolliver – Bob Joles
Harvey Dent – Yuri Lowenthal
Dickie Grayson – Lincoln Melcher
James Gordon – Scott Patterson
Hugo Strange – William Salyers
Timmy Drake / Marlene Mahoney – Tara Strong
Arkham Radio Man – Bruce Timm
Barbara Eileen Gordon and Pamela “Ivy” Isley – Kari Wuhrer

Movie details

Mid – Credits: No

End – Credits: No

Before the Review: Coronavirus continues to dominate the news and impacting people’s lifestyles, people are still panic buying and unfortunately, the cinema remains closed. Moving on again, the beaches were packed out on 24/06/20 – 25/06/20, sparking fears of a second Coronavirus wave, apparently the UK's “game changing” antibody tests are under scrutiny as they only test if you have had the virus but not if you’ve built up an immunity to it and a pickup truck ran a red light on a motorway exit slip roundabout and was followed by a van who joined at the next entrance without stopping whilst another, older people carrier forced its way onto and exited at its first junction. Crazy drivers...

Review: Well, there is definitely a twist on Jack the Ripper’s big identity reveal here. When you feel like you have figured it out, you are thrown a pretty big curve ball, which I feel was very well handled. The lead up to the big reveal seems a bit sinister, but given the aura of reputation surrounding Jack the Ripper, you probably wouldn’t expect anything less.

The movie does well to capture the setting of the Victorian era, where many may feel, by today's standards anyway, that this was a whole different time and in some aspects, still playing catch up. This is reflected in the movie quite well, the twists and turns making for unpredictable sequences throughout the movie. It feels like London, before you realise it is Gotham City.

Although “the Batman” is already established, the movie simply gets going when Batman is introduced to ensure that audiences know what to expect. As a Batman movie, no supporting cast of other heroes are needed, but with Alfred Pennyworth involved, sometimes you feel that he is balancing Bruce Wayne and Batman, which makes you appreciate the character a little bit more. A sequel is possibly teased as well.

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