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A group of mysterious ninja from the Land of the Sky suddenly make a surprise attack on Konoha, owing to the latter nearly destroying them during the last Shinobi World War. The country survived and is now targeting Konaha and their ally, the Fire Country, for revenge.


Streaming (Japanese with English Subtitles) / Netflix

Run Time

One hour, Thirty three minutes (1h, 33m)

Movie Rating


Age Rating

12 (Action / Animation / Fantasy)


Naruto Uzumaki – Junko Takeuchi
Sakura Haruno – Chie Nakamura
Sasuke Uchiha – Noriaki Sugiyama
 Kakashi Hatake – Kazuhiko Inoue
Sai – Satoshi Hino
Neji Hyuga – Kōchi Tōchika
Shino Aburame – Shinji Kawada
Hinata Hyuga – Nana Mizuki
Shikamaru Nara – Showtaro Morikubo
Choji Akimichi – Kentarō Itō
Tsunade – Masako Katsuki
Shizune – Keiko Nemoto
Jiraiya – Hōchū Ōtsuka
Orochimaru – Kujira
Kabuto Yakushi – Nobutoshi Canna
Yamato – Rikiya Koyama
Amaru – Motoko Kumai
Shinno – Unshō Ishizuka

Movie details

Mid – Credits: Not really

End – Credits: Yes (Non sequel related)

Before the Review: The trailer is in English as the Japanese one contained Chinese subtitles. More to the point, Coronavirus continues to dominate the news and impacting people’s lifestyles, people are still panic buying and unfortunately, the cinema remains closed. Moving on again, Moderna, an American biotech company, has successfully completed “Phase 1” of human trials, whereby people developed antibodies against COVID-19, however another pharmaceutical company, Astrazeneca, is looking to “upstage” them, pending successful phases, to begin shipping the vaccine in September. Lock-down is being eased but with some governments being wary of a second wave and a burglar was caught and arrested after breaking wind from his hiding place... *Eye-roll*


This time, Sasuke Uchiha is on the cast credits because he does, in fact, appear in the movie, and does play a substantial role. He reminds me of Vegeta (of Dragonball Z / Super fame) in that he continually pushes the main character to become stronger, and even though they may be rivals, it is healthy and the endgame usually serves both interests, in a positive manner.

Shino Aburame is another character I can sometimes relate to (minus being a bug user), in terms of his over thinking personality, which given the current global situation, quite a bit of people could be doing a lot of as well. Although Orochimaru and Kabuto Yakushi have been around since the first Naruto series, this movie marks their first appearances, although how the events of the movie tie in to their future appearances remains to be seen.

Like you see on some television shows and movies, some characters are created exclusively for them (for example, Chloe Sullivan from Smallville), so their continuity is usually short lived and unique in itself. Quite a few characters again are reduced to "extra" status. The movie was quite confusing at times and at one point, I thought it would develop a plot hole, but this was cleared up in the end – credits. 

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