Friday, 28 February 2020

DARK WATERS, 28/02/20




Based on a true story, a persistent attorney begins to connect and uncover a dark secret involving a growing number of unexplained deaths to one of the world’s largest corporations. He soon finds himself risking his future, family and his own life in trying to expose the truth.



Run Time

Two hours, Six minutes (2h,06m)

Movie Rating


Age Rating

12A (Drama / Thriller)


Robert Bilot – Mark Ruffalo
Anne Hathaway – Sarah Bilot
Tom Terp – Tim Robbins
Wilbur Tennant – Bill Camp
Phil Donnelly – Victor Garber
Joe Kiger - Richard Hagerman
Darlene Kiger – Mare Winningham
Harry Deitzler – Bill Pullman
James Ross – William Jackson Harper
Carla Pfeiffer – Louisa Krause
Larry Winter – Kevin Crowley
Kim Burke – Bruce Cromer
Denise Dal Vera – Sandra Tennant
Abi Van Andel – Kathleen Welch
John Newberg – Dr. Gillespie

Movie details

Mid – Credits: Kind of (Facts of outcome after movie concludes)
End – Credits: No

Before the Review: After coming towards merging lanes at 20mph, a dpd courier van, which either was late for a delivery, just impatient or driving “normally” came speeding across at nearly 40mph to overtake me whilst narrowly missing my bonnet after I slammed the brakes on. My dashcam would clearly show / prove that should a collision have taken place, the courier was at fault, but this is “normal” London driving to me, so I carried on as normal. 

Whilst leaving a supermarket, another car came swerving off my junction at nearly 30mph, whilst again forcing me to slam my breaks on. An SUV pulled into a parking bay awkwardly and at speed which caused a child to fall back in shock. The (I believe) mother was so angry at that driver, she threw a flower pot at the SUV, which left quite the quite a visible scratch. Yikes...

Review: One of my favourite all time quotes comes from Ultron being thrown out from the Quinjet by the Hulk saying, “Oh for God’s sake” in Avengers: Age of Ultron. So literally you’re more or less waiting for Mark Ruffalo to “Hulk” out. But he plays a defence lawyer in Dark Waters, and not a renowned physicist in gamma radiation, who turns into a big green monster called Hulk when angered / provoked. For the record, from what I heard and saw being depicted, this is not a 12A (Maybe a 12/15). 

This movie is based on a true story regarding a chemical company / corporation and their dumping of unregulated waste on site, which also happens to get into the local communities water supply (A bit like what happened in Batman Begins, but with wider implications). Deceit is heavily implied on the chemical company / corporation’s part, which could be taken more seriously, given its “Imminent” threat to public life, which includes cancer and birth defects (amongst others).

If you’re not a fan of reading the news (Either on paper, TV or freelancing apps etc), this movie is a great way to learn more about the effects of unregulated dumping of dangerous chemicals which can lead to a very bleak future ahead of us. Climate change is very real, however threats to human life come in a number of ways, and Dark Waters highlights just one of those, and this is not just limited to the local community as depicted in the movie, but worldwide. Dark Waters producer Mark Ruffalo is raising awareness of chemical pollution and has even attended Paris to meet with the European Parliament.

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