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LE MANS ’66 (FORD VS FERRARI), 15/11/19




Carroll Shelby, an American automotive designer and Ken Miles, a fearless race car driver do battle with the laws of physics, corporate interference at Ford Motor Co and personal demons to build a revolutionary vehicle. Up against the likes of Enzo Ferrari race cars, amongst others, together they plan to compete at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in France 1966.



Run Time

Two hours, thirty two minutes (2h, 32m)

Current Rating



Carroll Shelby – Matt Damon
Ken Miles – Christian Bale
Mollie Miles – Caitriona Balfe
Lee Lacocca – Jon Bernthal
Henry Ford II – Tracy Letts
Leo Beebe – Josh Lucas
Peter Miles – Noah Jupe
Enzo Ferrari – Remo Girone
Phil Remington – Ray McKinnon
Roy Lunn – JJ Feild
Head of Security – Gian Franco Tordi
Jack McMullen – Charlie Agapiou
Bruce McLaren – Benjamin Rigby
Donald N. Frey – Joe Williamson
Dan Gurney – Alex Gurney
Gianni Agnelli – Giovanni Cirfiera
Corrado Invernizzi – Franco Gozzi
Dr Granger – Wallace Langham

Movie details

Mid – Credits: No

End – Credits: No

Before the Review: I had to give way to a very aggressive Vauxhall Corsa driver on a roundabout, who was in the wrong lane to begin with. A near six foot tall dude blocked the view of at least four people when taking his jacket off, for nearly two minutes whilst the trailers were rolling in the cinema. Those four people would quiz the dude after the movie about his antics. And another cinema goer had their Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker tickets wrongly printed out.

Review: I’m not a petrol-head or particularly interested in cars in that way. However, Christian Bale is one of my favourite actors, ever since he starred in The Dark Knight Trilogy and personified the words: “I’M BATMAN.” (We’ll ignore Exodus: Gods and Kings). He stars alongside Matt Damon, whilst hes not particularly one of my favourites, he is still a very good actor.

The 92% rating is quite spot on. A lot went on in this movie and I was able to follow it all. Based on the real life events of Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles, the movie kept me interested throughout, possibly because of Christian Bale, and does really well to capture the mood of the intensity of what FORD were trying to accomplish at Le Mans.

Taking a step away from the IMAX screens, this movie does boast some comical moments; feel good music during some races that somehow draw you in and, at times, suspense. It seems like the actors who portrayed iconic figures, like Enzo Ferrari, kind of reminded me of how Bruce Lee was portrayed in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. It may have just been to build up the story. I always feel satisfied when watching these kind of movies, as before the credits start rolling, you are sometimes reminded of actual events based around the movie’s premise, but you also feel educated.

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