Friday, 22 November 2019

FROZEN II, 22/11/19




The Snow Queen Elsa and her sister Anna, head off on an adventure far away from thekingdom of Arendelle and are joined by their friends, Sven, Kristoff and Olaf



Run Time

One hour, forty three minutes (1h, 43m)

Current Rating



Elsa – Idina Menzel
Young Elsa – Mattea Conforti / Eva Bella
Anna – Kristen Bell
Young Anna – Hadley Gannaway / Libby Stubenrauch
Kristoff – Jonathan Groff
Olaf – Josh Gad
Lieutenant Destin Mattias – Sterling K. Brown
Queen Iduna – Evan Rachel Wood
Young Iduna – Delaney Rose Stein
King Agnarr – Alfred Molina
Young Agnarr – Jackson Stein
Yelana – Martha Plimpton
Ryder – Jason Ritter
Honeymaren – Rachel Matthews
King Runeard – Jeremy Sisto
Grand Pabbie – Ciarán Hinds
The Duke of Weselton / Guard / Northuldra Leader / Arendellian Soldier – Alan Tudyk
Hans – Santino Fontana
Marshmallow – Paul Briggs
The Voice – Aurora

Movie details

Mid – Credits:  No

End – Credits: Yes

Before the Review: One driver on the road, who had just passed their driving test, threw the whole thing into question by driving like they had only had a provisional licence when they failed to indicate and cut off two cars, at 60mph on a dual carriageway. There was an unsupervised child throwing popcorn on the stairs inside the cinema screen, having a very excited time in doing so. Three kids seemed to be bunking off school and failed to hide their school emblem. Shocking(!)

Review: When I first when to see Frozen in 2013, it was riding a huge wave of anticipation and garnering a lot of attention. It took me a while, but I finally managed to get myself some tickets and took my kid brother to watch the movie. Surprisingly, for many scenes, I seemed to resonate with Elsa as an introvert who was mostly closed off (hermit like) from everyone else. By the movie end, she had come out of her shell and was finally accepted by everyone at Arendelle. And a catchy song  was sung by everyone leaving the cinema.

Fast forward to Frozen II (2019), and I am watching similar scenes take place, but with Elsa coming to terms with trusting her sister Anna more, as a kind of coming of age situation. It has been 6 years and still I can resonate with Elsa for parts of the movie. Much more is included and the story has been expanded upon. The humour will mainly be understood by a grown up in attendance, along with character development.

The award winning song, “Let It Go” is replaced by “Into the unknown”. Personally, I found it catchy, but time will tell if it surpasses “Let It Go”. Credit to Disney though, they seem to show my life development and evolution in both films. It would appear that I feel like I am Elsa personality-wise and without the physical ice powers, but with a different mission in life, which I commend Disney for. Looks like the Marvel franchise is not the only Disney property getting the heavy focus on good stories.

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