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A Hybrid cyborg human, alongside Sarah Conner, must protect a young girl from a new kind of Terminator from the future, one which consists of newly modified liquid.



Run Time

Two hours, fourteen minutes (2h, 14m)

Movie Rating



Sarah Connor – Linda Hamilton
T-800 (Model 101) / Carl – Arnold Schwarzenegger
Grace – Mackenzie Davis
Daniella (Dani) Ramos – Natlia Reyes
Rev 9 – Gabriel Luna
Diego Ramos – Diego Boneta
Carl’s wife – Alicia Borrachero
Mr Ramos – Enrique Arce
Rigby – Steven Cree
Maria – Cluadia Trujillo
Mexico City Cop – Mario de la Rosa
F-35 Pilot – Nick Wittman
Major Dean – Fraser James

Movie details

Mid – Credits: No

End – Credits: No

Review: So, I had to deal with an SUV driving up a “No Entry” lane in the car park and causing major congestion, another SUV with its hazard lights on and closing down a lane to exit via barriers as the driver or passengers had not paid to valid their parking ticket and an SUV forcing drivers of their lanes (no indicators used) and then illegally manoeuvring on the roundabouts (Again, with no indicators). The person sitting next to me frightened easily, all this before finally settling down to write this review. Phew.

So, Terminator: Dark Fate, the heavily advertised return of Sarah Conner, did not disappoint. From the very first Terminator movie in the franchise from 1984 to the current one, I have followed each of them (Granted the first Terminator movie arrived before I was born and my mother would’ve thought I was batsh*t crazy to want to watch Terminator 2: Judgement Day in 1991)

The movie itself brought back a feel I have when watching a Terminator movie: “So mankind has or will lose control of a machine, again. *Eyeroll*” You almost get the sense that Ultron (Marvel) may have influenced a more grounded killer machine, which is sent back in time to alter the timeline so the core (almost hive mind like) machine remains virtually unopposed.

The T800 that Arnold Schwarzenegger portrays has been moved aside in favour of a female hybrid type of machine to do the saving this time around. Quite a bit of humour involved, strong language and  CGI plays a heavy role, quite nicely as well. There have been hints of alternative timelines and the climax of the movie is left open.

There are also lots of subliminal messages in the movie regarding the state of technology and politics of certain countries in the current era. This movie kind of feels like a soft reboot in the mould the first Terminator and Terminator Genisys, but definitely upbeat and has more development of the story to come. 

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