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It Chapter Two, 07/09/19




The evil clown Pennywise returns after 27 years to continue to terrorize the town of Derry once again. Since leaving Derry and having gone their separate ways, the once young children have all grown up and moved on with their lives. But when people start disappearing, they are brought back to Derry as they had once sworn an oath to. As their scars from their past continues to haunt them, they must conquer their fears in hopes of defeating Pennywise, who is now stronger than ever...



Run Time

Two hours, 50 minutes (2h, 50m)

Current Rating



Bill Denbrough – James McAvoy / Jaeden Martell
Beverly Marsh – Jessica Chastain / Sophia Lillis
Ben Hanscom – Jay Ryan / Jeremy Ray Taylor
Richie Tozier – Bill Hader / Finn Wolfhand
Mike Hanlon – Isaiah Mustafa / Chosen Jacobs
Eddie Kaspbrak – James Ransone / Jack Dylan Grazer
Stanley Uris – Andy Bean / Wyatt Oleff
Georgie Denbrough – Jackson Robert Scott
Henry Bowers – Teach Grant / Nicholas Hamilton
Dean – Luke Roessler
Pawn Shop Owner – Stephen King
Pharmacy Customer – Andy Muschietti
IT / Pennywise – Bill Skarsgård

Movie details

Mid – Credits: No

End – Credits: No

Review: I am not really a fan of horror movies, however, after seeing many episodes of TV shows where a clown or many of them are mentioned, to which I wasn’t really understanding of, until I saw the first movie It. It brought thrills, had a good story and really drew me in to the point where I didn’t want to miss the next scene. In short, it is the highest grossing horror movie because it earned it.

It Chapter Two brought something different from its predecessor. Again, a good story, had a talented cast, but added an element that is not really associated with horror movies, comedy and lots of it, throughout the duration of the movie. This takes away the anticipated thrills within the movie and you expect to see / hear the next comedy scene or event.

There were times I thought to myself that some sequences were very confusing, but it turns out there is a mix of younger and older characters trying to be balanced out to give everyone a fair amount of screen time. Visual effects were quite good and there is also more of an insight into Pennywise as well. The movie didn’t inspire me as much as the first one did, but the story has been expanded upon and lots of character build-up, for just less than three hours, so you may want to slow down on the popcorn to prolong it.

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