Friday, 20 September 2019

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A son journeys across the Solar System in search of his missing father, who has been branded a renegade scientist whose experiments pose a threat to humanity



Run Time

Two hours, 03 minutes (2h, 03m)

Current Rating



Roy McBride – Brad Pitt
Clifford McBride – Tommy Lee Jones
Helen Lantos – Ruth Negga
Eve McBride – Liv Tyler
Colonel Pruitt – Donald Sutherland
Peter Bello – Jamie Kennedy
General Stroud – John Finn
Lorraine Deavers – Kimberly Elise
Franklin Yoshida – Bobby Nish
Adjutant General Amelia Vogel – LisaGay Hamiliton
General Rivas – John Ortiz
Chip Games – Greg Bryk
Donald Stanford – Loren Dean
Captain Lawrence Tanner – Donnie Keshawarz
Arjun Dhariwal – Ravi Kapoor
Tanya Pincus – Natasha Lyonne

Movie details

Mid – Credits: No

End – Credits: No

Review: Well, the second movie I have seen starring Brad Pitt this year, except this time he was the lead character and had less humour. I generally enjoy space movies, especially those involving celestial bodies or otherworldly civilisations, much like Star Wars, Star Trek and both Guardians of The Galaxy movies. The misleading opening credits of Superman Returns had me believing the movie would take place in space in some form, but then didn’t.

Anyway, as an actor, I can hardly find fault with Brad Pitt. I generally enjoy his movies as he adds an extra dimension to them, like you are experiencing the movie with him. He can seem to be hogging scenes, like in Troy but honestly I wouldn’t complain. I thought he did really well in the movie’s far future setting. Also, Tommy Lee Jones is another actor whose dry humour I always find humorous.
But we get something a bit more serious in this movie from him.

The director, James Gray, wanted to do a different kind of space story, and he did. I enjoyed the space travelling and stunning visuals. This is not a superhero movie, more of a family reunion type, but with a twist.

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