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Mike Banning, a Secret Service Agent, is taken into custody by for a failed assassination attempt of Allan Trumbull, now President of the United States. After being incarcerated, Banning manages to escape capture and evade the FBI, along with his agency (Secret Services) to find the real threat which targeted the president. In his quest to uncover the truth, Banning turns to unlikely allies in his attempts to clear his name and uncover an imminent threat to the United States



Run Time

Two hours, 01 minute (2h, 01m)

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Mike Banning – Gerard Butler
Allan Trumbull – Morgan Freeman
Wade Jennings – Danny Huston
Sam Wilcox – Michael Landes
Martin Kirby – Tim Blake Nelson
Clay Banning – Nick Nolte
Leah Banning – Piper Perabo
Helen Thompson – Jada Pinkett Smith
David Gentry – Lance Reddick
James Haskell – Mark Arnold
Travis Cole – Frederick Schmidt
Ramirez – Joseph Millson
Murphy – Ori Pfeffer

Movie details

Mid – Credits: Yes

End – Credits: No

Review: I went into this movie with an open mind. Namely because I have seen The Dark Knight (My favourite movie), the hospital scene with the Joker detonating it and walking away from the destruction, a masterpiece scene and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, my favourite Marvel movie which depicts infiltration in a manner most would only think of. It more or less felt like the movie was an extension of these.  

However, the movie itself plays out differently as this is not a sinister villain with a pre-emptive mind to plan the destruction of a hospital beforehand, or a large scale infiltration by an organisation hell bent on world domination. Rather, this movie is the continuation of two predecessors, involving Morgan Freeman (returning to a role as President of the United States since Deep Impact) and Gerard Butler racing to save America from imminent danger from the inside.

There was humour involved, from unlikely characters and quite a bit of action sequences. Now, I'm generally someone who likes a lot of action scenes, as long as they hold up and don’t drag on to the point where people will wind down after them. It has to feel like it is moving the story forward; otherwise you could find yourself wondering where the story went after those scenes. But nonetheless, they held up. A sequel was kind of teased, but it could be a means to an end.

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